Evertale 2.0.70 Mod Apk (Unlimited Resources – Silver – Stamina – CaptureStones)

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Evertale 2.0.70 Mod Apk (Unlimited Resources – Silver – Stamina – CaptureStones)

Catch, train, and evolve 200+ monsters in this captivating fantasy RPG!

Name Evertale
Android Android 5.1 and up
Version 2.0.70
Size 71.17 MB
Mod Unlimited Silver/Stamina/CaptureStones
Genre Role Playing
Developer ZigZaGame Inc
Google Play com.zigzagame.evertale

You have a lot of boring time and don’t know what to do? So immerse yourself in the fantasy world in the role-playing game Evertale MOD APK and discover what story it brings!

Introduce about Evertale

ZigZaGame is a developer of role-playing games for mobile. Currently, they have four games on Google Play, but the most prominent of them is Evertale. This review will summarize the highlights of this game. Please follow and see if it is really worth your time to experience or not?


Every 100 years, the world of Erden suffers a catastrophic disaster called Pandemonium. But now, this threat suddenly comes back sooner, just 18 years after the last time. This is a bad omen.

But in bad luck, there is luck. A young quartet of heroes met, planning a final battle to end the disaster for Erden completely. From a small initial group, they have gradually grown into an army. They include brave warriors, willing to sacrifice to bring good things for later lives. Your task is to ensure that they are strong enough to fight until Erden regains its inherent peace.


Gather a powerful army to fight against dangerous enemies in Evertale. Fans of the role-playing genre will certainly be satisfied with this game. You can train your character’s skills through hundreds of turn-based battles against the fierce wild creatures raging in Erden and other dark forces. During the battle, capture the monsters and train them to fight for your side. This is the key factor to help you build an army.

You will have to take advantage of every advantage especially when facing the most dangerous bosses in Evertale. These giant monsters can make your warriors sleep, make them unable to attack and then use destructive magic to crush your army completely. But do not worry, use tactics wisely, such as switching from tactics using force to combining magic combos, that you can balance the advantage.

To play better

The monsters in Evertale are not just funny creatures. These include robots, dragons, summoned beasts, skeletons, wolves, werewolves and samurai frogs as well! They are all members that you can assemble into your squad, each with their own skills and abilities. Some species even have the ability to evolve to a higher level to help you prevail in battle.

The same goes for upgrading your units. Do you have 20 swords that you never touched? Then sell them in exchange for gold. If you have a lot of weak characters, combine them to upgrade your ally into a stronger character, with superior ability.

In addition to the option to speed up random battles, you also have dozens of opportunities to increase the stats with special events, compete online, and guild system for players.

Play with friends

If sometimes you feel a bit lonely when exploring Evertale’s story, invite your friends and participate in 4v4 real-time battles. The game system will automatically find opponents, but before you go to the battlefield, you should probably build a solid and flexible tactic with your teammates to seize the opportunity to win.

And yet, a typical role-playing game like Evertale without guild features would be boring. You can apply to join or create your own clan and develop it yourself. Guild missions system offers many attractive rewards, including items and unique characters. Moreover, having more friends to interact and fight together will more fun, right?


Evertale owns a quality graphics background. This contributed to describing this world to become more realistic, with the catastrophic battles between heroes and forces from Pandemonium. With a large number of beautifully designed areas, you’ll enjoy exploring from devastated villages to abandoned areas, forests, to the dungeons of monsters.

And after this success, it is impossible not to mention the effects and sound. The explosions and magic are created during the battle will stimulate the sight and hearing of the player, giving them the feeling of excitement and want to explore more.

MOD APK version of Evertale

MOD features

  • Unlimited Silver
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited CaptureStones

Download Evertale MOD APK for Android

With attractive graphics, adventurous spirit and clever design, Evertale is truly a great role-playing game. Whether you’re trying to prevent a disaster ritual or prove your worth to other players, you’ll still wish that the story of this game lasts forever.

Download Evertale v.- [71.17 MB ]
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